Why Is Preventive Dental Care Important? The Top 4 Things You Should Know

Not convinced that you need to come to Smile Society General Dentistry for routine teeth cleanings and preventive care in West Windsor, East Windsor, or Princeton Junction? Wondering why preventive dental care is so important? In this blog, we’ll discuss 4 of the top reasons why you should always come and see Dr. Singh or Dr. Sulaiman for regular checkups.

1. Preventive Dental Care Keeps Your Mouth Healthy

First and foremost, preventive dental care like oral exams and teeth cleanings help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. During your oral exam, Dr. Singh or Dr. Sulaiman will look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and check the integrity of dental work like crowns, fillings, and veneers to make sure your mouth is in great shape.

This keeps your mouth healthy, and in the event that we do notice a serious issue, you can schedule your follow-up treatments right away. But if you never come to the dentist, you won’t even know about these oral health problems until it’s too late to stop them.

2. Six-Month Oral Exams Are Covered By Insurance

If you have dental insurance and you’re not seeing the dentist twice per year, you’re leaving money on the table. Almost all dental plans cover two teeth cleanings and oral exams per year for both adults and kids, so seeing Dr. Singh or Dr. Sulaiman every six months ensures you make the most of your plan.

Kids also usually get additional coverage for preventive care like fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which helps them prevent cavities and maintain a healthy smile.

3. Getting Preventive Treatment Saves You Time & Money

Catching oral health problems early always saves you time and money. For example, if Dr. Singh or Dr. Sulaiman notices a small cavity in your tooth, they can recommend a filling to cover it up and protect the tooth.

But if you don’t get a checkup and the cavity goes unnoticed, you may end up needing a more invasive treatment like a dental crown or even a root canal. This will cost you more money and time, since these treatments are more expensive and require multiple treatments at our office.

4. You’ll Get Peace Of Mind After Your Appointment At Smile Society General Dentistry

One of the most valuable things about preventive dentistry is that it gives you peace of mind. After you and your family get six-month checkups at Smile Society General Dentistry, you’ll know that your smiles are healthy.

Even if you do need follow-up treatment, you can schedule your appointment right away, resolve the issue, and restore your oral health quickly at our office.

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