Does the Right Toothbrush Matter?

Have this conversation with any dentist, and they will tell you that apart from frequent visits to their office, a solid at-home hygiene routine is essential to ensure a long-term happy and healthy smile.

But on the topic of toothbrushes, there could be some confusion. When you go to a store to pick a new one, you are soon put face to face with lots of different choices, from the size to the material, and even the type of bristles.

Is the choice of a toothbrush really going to have an impact on your dental health? And if so, how much? Find out the answers in this short blog post from Smile Society General Dentistry!


The Job of a Toothbrush and How to Choose the Best One

The toothbrush is the primary tool people have to clean their teeth. Ideally, the toothbrush you choose should allow you to reach all the teeth in your mouth and use the proper technique to remove food particles and bacteria from the front and back of your teeth.

While this might be rather easy for the front teeth, the back ones are a different story. In fact, wisdom teeth can often get infected simply because people cannot properly clean them due to their position.

If we take into account the job of a toothbrush, we can therefore establish two major criteria to look for:

  • The Size – The bigger the toothbrush, the harder it can be to reach the back of your mouth properly, so many dentists recommend opting for a smaller one that provides more accessibility.
  • The Bristle Type – As a general rule, soft-bristles brushes are the top choices because they are not as harsh, while still offering a great cleaning experience. Choose this type of toothbrush especially if you have sensitive gums and want to avoid bleeding!


Do Personal Preferences Matter in Choosing the Best Toothbrush?

The best toothbrush is the one that can allow you to properly clean your teeth. Apart from the functional part, there may be some personal factors that matter to you, such as:

  • The Material – If you are environmentally conscious, then you might want to look for wooden toothbrushes instead of the regular plastic.
  • Ease of Use – Electric toothbrushes are becoming a lot more popular because they can generally offer a better cleaning, and are easier to use.

You can find lots of options out there that can meet both personal preferences and offer a solid cleaning experience!

Need More Help Choosing the Right Toothbrush?

Smile Society General Dentistry is here to help you improve your dental health, both with in-office oral health care and tips from your daily at-home dental routine!

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