Does Teeth Whitening Make Teeth Sensitive? What You Should Know

If you’re interested in teeth whitening in West Windsor, Dr, Munira Sulaiman, and Dr. Mandeep Singh are here to help. At Smile Society General Dentistry, we’re experts in teeth whitening, and offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments.

But before you get teeth whitening in our office, you may be wondering if teeth whitening is safe, and if it can make your teeth sensitive. Read on, and get the answers you need. 

Teeth Whitening Can Make Your Teeth Feel Sensitive

The short answer is “yes.” Teeth whitening can make your teeth feel more sensitive, particularly if you have had in-office teeth whitening and you have brightened your smile significantly at Smile Society General Dentistry.

This is because the whiteners used to bleach stains away from your teeth also weaken your enamel very slightly. In turn, this exposes “dentinal microtubules,” which are tiny structures in your teeth that connect the outside of the tooth to the interior dental nerve.

Because these microtubules are exposed, they react more strongly to sensations, including chewing and the presence of hot and cold foods. This is what causes tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening.

However, there’s good news. This usually lasts only for a few days after your treatment is finished, so you will quickly recover and your teeth will feel normal once again. With expert treatment from Dr. Singh and Dr. Sulaiman, you won’t have to worry about prolonged tooth sensitivity after whitening. 

Can I Have My Teeth Whitened If I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Some people have naturally sensitive teeth due to things like weakened or thin enamel. If your teeth tend to feel sensitive, you may be wondering if you can still have your teeth whitened. The answer is “yes!” 

Even if your teeth are sensitive, you can usually have your teeth whitened at our office. However, you may require an additional appointment so that Dr. Sulaiman or Dr. Singh can determine the cause of your sensitivity. Also, you may need to undergo multiple whitening treatments at a lower intensity, as this will help mitigate tooth sensitivity. 

How To Deal With Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening – Our Quick Tips

If your teeth are feeling sensitive after your teeth whitening treatment at Smile Society General Dentistry, there are a few things you should do to deal with this issue until it begins to fade. 


  • Continue to brush regularly – Brush at least twice a day for two minutes using fluoride toothpaste. Using fluoride is essential, since this helps attract minerals to your teeth and strengthen them after teeth whitening, reversing the effects of tooth sensitivity.  
  • Switch to anti sensitivity toothpaste – If your teeth are very tender and sensitive, consider using Sensodyne or a similar anti sensitivity toothpaste to help with your discomfort.  
  • Avoid very hot and cold foods and drinks – Iced beverages and very hot beverages tend to make sensitivity worse, and the same is true of hot and cold foods. Try to avoid extremely hot or cold foods and drinks to stay more comfortable. 

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If you’re suffering from teeth stains and yellowing in West Windsor, the team at Smile Society General Dentistry can provide you with expert in-office and take-home teeth whitening. Contact us online or call us at (609) 779-2054 to schedule a cosmetic consultation today, and get the smile you’ve always wanted. 

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