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What Toothpaste Is Best for Preventing Cavities?

One of the best ways to make sure your smile is stunning and healthy is to have great oral hygiene habits.

And nowadays, you have a lot of tools and products that can help you maintain your oral health, protect your teeth from decay, and even make them look brighter, all in the comfort of your own home. 

But if you’re prone to cavities and are already making sure to brush your teeth 2 times a day, you may be wondering if there’s a specific type of toothpaste you should be using. Keep reading this article to learn what type of toothpaste can actually help you reduce cavities!

First, Why Are Some People Prone to Cavities?

Cavities are tiny holes that form in the tooth. Unfortunately, these tiny cavities get bigger and bigger if they are not treated by a West Windsor dentist.

People with poor oral health are usually at a higher risk of developing cavities. Food particles that remain in the mouth and around the teeth attract unwanted bacteria. The bacteria eat the remaining foods and release acids which break down the tooth’s enamel, creating the hole. 

Once this opening has been formed, bacteria can get inside the tooth and wreak havoc. So much so that the tooth can become infected and require a more extensive form of treatment like a root canal.

But it’s not all about oral hygiene. Genetics and diet also greatly influence your risk for cavities. For instance, frequent snacking, especially sugary treats, makes it easier for cavities to form.

The Toothpaste That Reduces the Risk of Cavities

The best toothpaste you can use to protect your teeth from cavities is one that contains fluoride. The substance can make tooth enamel stronger and protect it from decay. In fact, fluoride treatments are a popular preventative dental procedure, though the concentration of fluoride used at the dentist is much higher than those found in toothpaste.

However, the type of toothpaste alone won’t do much good to reduce your risk for cavities. Oral health is much more complex and requires more measures, such as:

  • Using the right brushing technique (circular motions to remove as many particles as possible)
  • Brushing after every meal or at least twice a day
  • Flossing daily, before bed
  • Eating fresh fruits and veggies to promote saliva production
  • Having a healthy lifestyle and nutrition
  • Seeing your dentist in West Windsor routinely

How Smile Society General Dentistry Can Help

If you’re dealing with cavities, switching your toothpaste can help you to a point, but you still need to stop by for an appointment. Dr. Munira Sulaiman and Dr. Mandeep Singh are here to treat your cavities and make sure your smile is perfectly healthy.

Contact us now and stop by our practice to get your oral health back on track.

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