My Invisalign Hurts My Gums: What Are My Options?

Invisalign is a dream come true for millions of Americans with overbites, underbites, and other forms of malocclusion. These nifty aligners fit snugly on the teeth and steadily apply a controlled force to different parts of the teeth to align them. The best part is that they’re virtually invisible, making them perfect for retaining confidence throughout treatment.

However, a handful of patients have complained about the aligners hurting their gums. If you’re one of them, keep reading to find out how to eliminate the pain and what Invisalign alternatives you can explore.

Why Does My Invisalign Hurt?

Invisalign is a mostly painless treatment, especially when compared to metal braces and other types of retainers. Some patients might, however, experience some pain during the first week as they get used to the aligners.

The discomfort is because of the force the aligners apply to your teeth to align them. Excessive tension in the teeth can lead to swollen gums. For people with gingivitis, the Invisalign trays might press on the swollen gums and irritate the surrounding tissues.

How Can I Deal With the Pain?

A little pain or discomfort is normal during the first week of fitting Invisalign aligners. The pain should dissipate with time, but here are a few ways to eliminate or mitigate the pain.

  • Use a Cold Compress

Apply a cold compress to the affected area to reduce pain and inflammation. Fill a bag with ice cubes and wrap it in a towel before applying it to your gums for 10-20 minutes several times a day.

  • Use OTC painkillers

You can also take OTC painkillers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce the swelling and inflammation in your gums. Consult your West Windsor dentist or doctor before taking strong painkillers that may affect your overall health.

  • Use Dental Wax or Orajel

Dental wax is a great pain reducer for Invisalign patients. Just put it on the pressure points of your retainers to reduce friction and irritation. For added protection, you can also use Orajel or another topical anesthetic that numbs the area for prompt pain relief.

  • Stay Away From Hard, Crunchy Food

Foods like nuts, apples, and potato chips are a no-go for patients with newly-fitted Invisalign aligners. Avoid them to prevent extra pressure on the gums and teeth that worsen the pain. Instead, eat soft food like mashed potatoes or any other food that won’t put extra pressure on your gums.

Taking Care of Invisalign Pain Simplified 

Invisalign is an effective treatment for malocclusions and other dental conditions. However, it’s not without its caveats, gum pain being one of them. Fortunately, you can manage the pain with homemade solutions and OTC medication. Give it a week or two, and the pain should disappear completely.

Schedule online or call to make your Invisalign appointment. You deserve a beautiful bright smile.

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