Root Canal Therapy In West Windsor

If you have a serious toothache that won’t go away, you could have an infected tooth. If your tooth is infected, root canal therapy from Dr. Munira Sulaiman and Dr. Mandeep Singh at Smile Society General Dentistry is the best way to restore your smile and save your tooth. Learn more about this treatment below, or contact us now for an appointment.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a treatment used to restore and disinfect an infected tooth, and prevent further damage to the tooth. Tooth infections occur when the outer layers of enamel and dentin are destroyed by tooth decay or an oral injury. This exposes the pulp inside your tooth, which contains the nerves and blood vessels that keep your tooth alive.

As the pulp becomes infected by oral bacteria, it will begin to slowly decay. If you do not get treatment for an infected tooth, it will eventually die completely. This can lead to an abscess formation.

To prevent the tooth from dying, root canal therapy is used. This process involves opening up the tooth, removing decayed pulp and material from the inside, and then filling the tooth with an inert material. Finally, the tooth is covered up with a filling or a crown, restoring its shape and appearance.

What Are The Signs That I Might Need A Root Canal?

The most common sign is a prolonged toothache that lasts more than a day or two. Other associated signs and symptoms include swelling and discoloration of the gums near the tooth or discoloration of the tooth itself. You may also notice increased tooth sensitivity to temperature and pressure or notice swelling in your face or cheek, in severe cases.

What Can I Expect From The Root Canal Process?

The process of root canal therapy is pain-free and straightforward. It’s actually quite similar to having a cavity filled. First, Dr. Sulaiman or Dr. Singh will clean the treatment site, numb your mouth, and isolate your infected tooth with a dental dam.

Then, they will use a dental drill to remove any decayed tooth material and create a small opening into the interior of your tooth. Next, they will use special dental tools to extract decayed material from inside your tooth, and clean and restore the interior.

After this, your tooth will be filled with a rubbery substance that will replace the decayed material and help support the tooth’s structure. Finally, your tooth will be restored with a dental filling or temporary dental crown. Depending on its location, you may need to come back for a permanent crown.

Contact Us Now For Root Canal Therapy In West Windsor

Whether you’re in West Windsor, East Windsor or Princeton Junction, Dr. Munira Sulaiman and Dr. Mandeep Singh can help you get the treatment you need to restore your smile and your oral health. If you think you have an infected tooth and need a root canal, don’t wait. Contact us now at (609) 779-2054 or stop by our office at 335 Princeton Hightstown Rd, Unit 25, West Windsor Township, NJ 08550 to get an emergency appointment for a root canal.

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